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CNBC SquawkBox: Amazon is trying to delete the copyright law

In the wake of my op-ed piece in the NY Times and forthcoming appearance tomorrow night on a panel at the New York Public Library, SquawkBox invited me to discuss the book industry's concerns with Amazon's market power. CNBC made available a 2-minute version of the segment here.

In her questions, the reporter, of course, repeated Amazon's carefully orchestrated mantra: Low prices are good for consumers, so what's wrong with Amazon's actions to force prices down?

My challenge was to explose the false premise that "low prices are always good for consumers." That's just not true.

This was my first attempt to formulate a response and came out with the soundbyte: "Amazon is trying to delete the copyright law."

I'll talk more about what that means in future posts. Suffice it to say, it's not easy getting up at 5am to talk about the intersection of copyright and antitrust law!

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